Our Vision:

To provide a visible and accessible community outreach center that includes a second-stage housing program. Using this facility and its resources, the members of ATTCOM will implement focused solutions to the problems plaguing our community. Our recipients won’t just be given aid; they will become empowered to rise above their circumstances.

Our Mission:

We believe that there is always hope for restoring the lives of people in our community. Positive change can be sustained through education and good choices, but it must start with a helping hand from those who are blessed with good fortune. ATTCOM will organize and deliver this help through the generosity of our supporters.

History of ATTCOM:

ATTCOM was established as an outreach ministry in 1998 to offer free food and clothing to needy families and individuals in the West Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. The community service organization’s presence has grown over the years, and now serves over 150 families each week. 

The beginnings of ATTCOM took shape the day its founder, Sam Ella McKenzie, answered a call from God to help those who are hungry, unemployed, and homeless. With her own money, as well as small donations she received from the community, Sam Ella started purchasing food to support her mission. She launched the first “Feed the Needy” program with help from her family, friends, and pastor - providing food for nearly 50 local families.

Later, Sam Ella renamed the program “All Things Through Christ Outreach Ministry” (ATTCOM).  Her perseverance and dedication to bringing hope to those in need soon caught the attention of other organizations, individuals, corporations, and volunteers. These partnerships have enabled the Chicago non-profit agency not only to expand their local coverage and services, but also to provide clothing, school supplies, and toiletries to impoverished children in Switzerland, Africa, and India.

Board of Directors:

Sam Ella McKenzie (Founder & President)
Mother McKenzie, as the Community and supporters now call her, has dedicated her time and efforts to the service of God. Through ATTCOM, Sam Ella is joining with partners, donors, and volunteers to show that the only force more powerful than fear…is hope. As a mother of 10 children, Sam Ella knows firsthand the challenges of providing beyond reasonable demands. It is in this spirit, however, that she perseveres through the challenges presented by a community overwhelmed with need. 

Reverend Cartha McKenzie, Jr. (Vice President & Board Chair)
Rev. Cartha Jr. is a licensed and ordained minister and serves as Assistant Pastor to his father, Reverend Cartha McKenzie, Sr. at the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church located in the West Englewood Community. In addition to teaching bible-study and Sunday school each week, Rev. McKenzie, serves as a mentor to the community’s youth in many ways (including involving them as volunteers for ATTCOM’s activities). He is married to Deatherine, and with her shares three sons, one daughter, and four grandchildren.

David Mckenzie, Sr (Board Member)
David has served as Senior Board member to ATTCOM since 2005, overseeing the group’s finances and operations. He has secured support from major businesses in the West Englewood Community, throughout the Greater Chicagoland Area, and abroad. David is also a board member of the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church for which he is primarily responsible for the church’s fiscal strength and physical upkeep. A godfather to many young men and women in the church, David is always available to lend a helping hand; often spending late nights answering calls for assistance with troubled teens and domestic disputes.

David holds a Bachelors Degree in Business from Chicago State University, and is a Production Planning Manager at the Soudan Metal Company. He has three sons and one daughter with his wife, Anita. 

Don Berry
CEO, BJB Partners

Jeff Mariola
President, Brilliant™

Reverend Cartha McKenzie, Sr.
Pastor, Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church 

Rev. Dr. Jonathan McKenzie 
CEO, Family Centered Educational Agency

Mike Purcell
Vice President Human Resources, Ambius

Thomas L. Soudan, Jr.
President, Soudan Metals

Torrie Fink
Former CEO, Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center

Michelle Mariola
Founder & Director,ISH-Productions, Inc