No Tragic Fate for God’s Children

Our Chicago-based food pantry’s need for help has reached a critical mass, and the statistics for our target area are indeed tragic. Imagine living in a community whose pride and promise has been eroded by the following eye-opening facts:

  • 36% of residents live in poverty. That’s over 35,000 families who don’t know where their next meal will come from, or if they will have a home in which to eat it.
  • Of last year’s 835 births, 35.6% were born to teenage mothers.*
  • HIV rates are 2.3 times higher than in the rest of Illinois.
  • 97% of residents age 25 or older do not have a baccalaureate degree or higher**
  • Almost half of students who attend area high schools drop-out by the time they reach the end of their senior year.+

Neighborhood shootings, drugs, and other mental/physical health issues also plague our residents. While our children should be preparing for their future, they are fighting just to survive.  They need hope to change their fate, and they need it now.

What you can do?

Believing you can make a difference can be harder than it seems. Many people refrain from donating to our Chicago charity organization because of a predisposed notion that “their money won’t make a difference” or “those people are beyond help.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your charitable donations mean everything. They symbolize hope in more ways than providing clothing, food, and shelter to human beings who have nothing. Your gifts are a symbol of God’s love, shining light in the lives of those who have more darkness than most of us will ever know. As one of the most active charity organizations in Chicago, ATTCOM is fully committed to improving the daily lives of the West Englewood Community’s needy.

Click here to give hope to those in need!                                   

(* Chicago Department of Public Health Community Health Profile, 2011)
(** U.S. Census, 2010)
(+ area school performance policy reports 2011)